Thursday, July 20, 2006

I'm an idiot + the trifecta in shipping.

Yesterday I returned from visiting my family in D.C. for the weekend. I had already looked up directions to 'the park' where I had been invited to a birthday celebration for a recently bicoastal friend I know from LA. I stop on the way to pick up a bottle of wine. In the grocery store I begin to wonder if perhaps 'the park,' isn't "The Park" and maybe this isn't a nighttime barbeque afterall. I play it safe by purchasing a four pack of easily tote-bag stashable Mike's Hard Lemonade brand "Mike-a-ritas." Park, it turns out, is a cute indoor/outdoor bar/cafe/restaurant in Chelsea. I'm glad I didn't bring chicken.

This morning the FedEx woman buzzed up with a package for me. Because Claire so kindly fetched that package, I went down when the U.S. mail truck buzzed up. It was a package for our other roommate Kal. The third buzzer was UPS, with a package for Claire. If only every day could be so symmetrical.


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